(Closed) Integrated Consultant and Trainer for the CDJP in Byumba, Rwanda, #2949

Published 10 January 2014 | By Inez Willeboordse

You understand the strong need for direct dialogue between people when it comes to initiating and furthering peace processes. You want a job which focuses on concerns and hardships of people, organisations and communities, and you are ready for a new and challenging position that requires a high level of personal responsibility.

If so, we can offer you the following position: Integrated Consultant and Trainer for the CDJP in Byumba, Rwanda

The mission of the Civil Peace Service (CPS) programme consists of the non-violent and constructive conflict resolution. Professionals in CPS seek to prevent the outbreak of violent conflicts and contribute to settle existing violent conflicts peacefully. Based on the church-related and civil-social commitment of our partners in Rwanda, the CPS aims to contribute to civil conflict management through peace-building measures.

Posted in NGO , Rwanda
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