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We give away 50 FREE online memberships on JobnetAfrica!

This article describes what services will be offered on and how you can gain a FREE online membership for 90 days.

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WerkinAfrika changes name to JobnetAfrica!

Video: WerkinAfrika becomes JobnetAfrica!

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4 Reasons why you should live and work in Africa

Having doubts about moving to Africa to enhance your career?

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3 Checkpoints for Your CV When Applying for Your African Job

3 Tips to give your CV a boost when applying for you African job.

Find out what the 3 checkpoints are…

3 Reasons to Post Your Job in Africa on

This blog describes 3 reasons to post your job in africa on Also there is a discount given.

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6 New Year’s Resolutions To Help With Your African Job Search

For those beginning 2016 as a job seeker for a position in Africa, here are six resolutions that may help you with your African job search.

The 6 Resolutions…

WerkinAfrika’s 2015 in 3 Highlights

WerkinAfrika’s 2015 in 3 Highlights by Inez Willeboordse. Closing a year also means looking back on highlights and challenges experienced.

The 3 Highlights…

3 Tips: Applying for a Job in Africa Around X-mas

Inez Willeboordse, founder of WerkinAfrika, gives you 3 tips for applying for a job in Africa around x-mas.

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Development of the Youth, by the Youth, for the Youth!

Last week WerkinAfrika attended Rainmakers Foundation’s first event “Just Ask!”.

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3 Secrets on How WerkinAfrika Finds Jobs in Africa

Just landed from Accra, Ghana and waiting for my transfer flight back to Amsterdam. A good time to reflect on what we have achieved during my visit in Ghana this week.

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Short Term Work Permits Comparative Of 4 Southern African Countries

Let’s have a quick comparative glance at short term work permits for South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia.

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How LinkedIn Can Help You Find A Career In Africa

LinkedIn is by far the most useful business network on the internet. As a recruiter for I am using LinkedIn to find the right candidates for our jobs in Africa.

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How Do “Expat Lite” Programs Manage To Cut Costs?

“Expat lite” programs can work on behalf of both the company and the employee – strategic goals are achieved, while the assignee earns international experience!

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Top 3 Sought After Jobs in Africa

Looking for jobs in Africa? Here’s a look at the TOP-3 jobs that will be most sought in Africa.

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Why Nigeria Stands Out in 3 Ways

Recruitment wise Nigeria is hard to compare to any other African country. It has a few features to take into account when considering working and living there.

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Set up you business in Africa in 5 steps

The time for starting business in Africa is now. Companies must now invest in Africa and be persistent to harvest future rewards.

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Find a job in Africa, where to start?

Looking for a job in Africa but don’t know where to start? Been browsing the web forever but it does not seem to lead anywhere? 3 tips from WerkinAfrika.

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Zimbabwe Ready For Investment?

So, last week I attended an event about agricultural investment opportunities in Zimbabwe. As most of us know Zimbabwe has a turbulent recent history where most of the foreign and local companies have been closed for business or taken over. Now things seem to settle somewhat and the first pioneers are curious to peek into the opportunities of investing in Zimbabwean business again.

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Africa’s Negative Media Image

When it comes to the African continent the mass media focuses almost exclusively on the bad news, thus creating a widely accepted bad negative image of the continent. They’ve created an image of a continent in a constant state of crises, poverty and endless wars.

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The African Story Of Tony’s Chocolonely

Probably everyone is familiar with the sweet chocolate called Tony’s Chocolonely But did you also know that the Dutch company is striving for a A 100% slave-free chocolate industry – that is their goal.

Read more about the African influences in this chocolate…

Africa; continent of possibilities

Nowadays you hear it a lot; Africa is rising as a continent of opportunities. There are many companies who see a lot opportunity in Africa.

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Where Will Food Come From?

Everyday roughly 370.000 babies are born. And as time progresses this will create a huge issue for the world. Where will all the necessary food come from?

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Africa is not a country

Africa; 30,368,609 km2, 1,1 billion people and 54 states. Africa is a continent, not a country. Why is it then that the media keeps referring to Africa as if it is one place?

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Almaz her adventure as Help Desk Agent in Johannesburg

One of our candidates currently working as a Help Desk Agent in Johannesburg has shared het experiencen with us bout her adventure abroad.

Check out Almaz her experiences

Summary Convention South Africa – May 26th 2014

On the 26th of May, Werkinafrika hosted a presentation for our popular function of Dutch Speaking Call Center Agent in South Africa.

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Check it out: Read all about Inez her experiences in Africa

Did you know that in 2008 Inez herself started working in Johannesburg for the same company we are recruiting for right now. Check out a few of Inez her experiences in Africa.

Read Inez her blog…

WerkinAfrika: Giving DREAM JOBS to Professionals wishing to work in Africa.

WerkinAfrika is from now on also known in Kenya. Kenya Today placed an article about WerkinAfrika and the wonderful things they make happen for both Kenyans and Africans who are looking for job opportunities in Kenya and Africa at large.

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