Werk in Afrika Recruitment Services is specialised in recruitment and selection of staff and management for small up to large organisations throughout Africa. We are experienced in recruitment of applicants up to leading startups of new organisations and give employers advise on organizing new HR structures. We also accomodate in job advertisement.

Job Advertisement

As you have noticed on our website, or maybe we have spoken personally, WerkinAfrika is passionate about linking jobseekers with companies/employers and organisations in Africa. Not all employers have the means for, or interest in, a full recruitment process and are looking for an Africa specific platform to advertise their vacancy on. That is why you can now advertise your vacancy on our website that is visited by thousands of jobseekers monthly!

We offer different packages with variable options in length and the number of vacancies.

Interested? Send an email to info@werkinafrika.nl and get all options and prices sent to you.


When you are looking for replacement or new employees, we help you recruit and select the right candidates.

1. International

In case you are searching for international (executive) management, young professionals or interns, you have come to the right address. We have an extended database full of interesting people ready to move to Africa. A large part of these people has previously lived or worked in Africa or still do. In case the vacancy needs a certain amount of expertise Werk in Afrika headhunts the right candidate.

2. Local

Werk in Afrika also helps you find local staff, warehousing staff up to (executive) management. In several African countries we are represented by local recruitment agents who we work closely together with to deliver good local employees. All of the agents have been handpicked, selected and audited by our team.

3. Tests, training & assessments

Beside the regular recruitment procedure where intakes and reference checks are standardised we offer additional services to come to the right candidate choice. Through customer specified tests, training or assessments we can thoroughly check the applicant in order to make a match up to your expectations.

HR Consultancy

Every African country has its own laws and standards. It is nearly impossible to set up a good HR structure from your homeland. That is why we work together with selected HR consultants in different African countries. These consultants advice on local HR needs before you can start recruiting and hiring people. They set out your HR framework to give your company a good start and minimise issues with the authorities.

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